Anneli Drecker (f.12.02.1969) CV;


Bel Canto releases:

White-out Conditions - 1987 Crammed discs BE / Nettwerk CAN / Tokuma JP

Birds of Passage - 1990 Crammed discs BE / Nettwerk CAN / IRS / US Columbia FR

Shimmering, Warm & Bright - 1992 Crammed discs BE / Warner EN / FR Columbia / Dali US

Magic Box- 1996 Atlantic / Lava US, Warner NO

Rush / Images- 1998-1999 Emi EN / FR Sony

Retrospect (compilation) - 2001/04 Warner NO / Samadhi Music MX

Dorothy`s Victory- 2002/04 Emi NO / Samadhi Music MX

Anneli Drecker, solo releases:

Tundra 2000 Emi NO / Noise Control MX / Emi Germany

Frolic- 2005 Emi NO

Anneli Drecker Cooperation cd 1989 - 2012:

Samy Birnbach and Benjamin Lew BE,

Foreign Affair ISR,

Tsunematsu Matsui JP,

Manufacture CAN,

Mercury Motors UK,

Sister Rain NO,


Hector Zazou FR,

Tim Simenon GB

Guy Sigsworth GB

Farout Fishing NO,

Jah Wobble GB

Motorpsycho NO,

Mental Overdrive NO,

Alani NO,

Music Channel ISR,

Gavin Friday GB

Furuholmen / Bjerkestrand NO,

Inoran JP,

DJ Krush JP,

Maj Britt Andersen NO,

Jan Bang NO,

Simon Raymonde GB

Mind Over Midi NO,

Savoy EN / US

Green Isac NO,

NO Illumination and Women Care NO / Africa.

Other CD releases / collaboration:

Ketil Bjørnstad (Grace -2000, -2003 The Nest, Whales' Song - 2010), soloist

A-ha - (Lifelines- 2002 duet on "Turn The Lights Down")

Röyksopp (Melody AM -2000, co-writing and vox on "Spark", Junior -2009, co-writing and vox on " You do not have a Clue "," True To Life "and" Vision One ")


Commissioned / Commissioned pieces:

"Tundra" - 1999 Tromsø Civic Conference on Women "Memorium" - 2002 Festival of North Norway, Harstad

"Frozen Waterfall" - 2004 Lillehammer Nordlysfestivalen that workshop  - Tromso

"Rocks & Straws" - 2012, Dyrøy, Troms (poem by Arvid Hanssen translated into English by Roy Frode Løvland, tone set by Anneli D)

Tour Coop Rating:

Bel Canto- concerts in Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, Mexico and Brazil 1986-2011

European tours with Ketil Bjørnstad 2000- 2010

European- and world tours with a-ha 2001 - 2003

European- and world tours with Röyksopp 2002- 2012


"Idol" judge season 2004 TV2

"Kjempesjansen" Judge 2006 NRK

"Star Game" / "Star Game" Artist, Season 1, Autumn 2012, NRK / Monster                                  Every time we meet /  "Every time we meet" - Season 3, March / April 2013 TV2

Movies / actress:

- "Siblings On God'' Earth" / "Siblings On Gud'' Earth" (starring role as Margit) - directing v / Laila Danielsen. Elan Film 1982

- "Macaroni Blues" Elan Film 1987

- "Black Panthers" / "Black Panthers" - (one of the five main roles Sonja), directing v / Thomas Robsahm, Esperanza Movie 1992

- "Overindulgence" /  Fr to Tseri (short movie), The Seven Sins Death, directing v / Margreth Olin- 2000


Theatre / actress:


- "Executioner" / "The executioner" (as archangel), from Pär Lagerkvist, directed by Yngve Sundvor that the Norwegian Theater in 2000

- "Peer Gynt" (Solveig) The North Norwegian Theater Company,

directed by Alex Scherpf- Meieriet 2004

- "Hamsun's Fever" / "Hamsun's Fever" (as Alvhild), directed by Jon Tombre- Hålogaland Theatre 2009 

- "We Hever Our Heads In Shame" / "We raise our heads in shame", directed by Kristin Eriksen Bjorn and Jon Tombre - Fresh Scenes 2010

- "Knutby" (as Åsa Waldau , The Bride of Christ), directed by Kjersti horn Hålogaland Theatre spring 2011 

- "The Black Rider" (musical with music from Tom Waits) , directed by Sigrid Reibo, Hålogaland Theatre, -autumn 2011 

- "The Tin Drum" / "The Tin Drum" , (as the mother Agnes) from Günter Grass, Halogaland theater, directed by Jon Tombre - winter 2012

- The Operetta "Kiberg Odyssey" (asPenelope) togetherwith Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra (NOSO), music Composed by Trygve Brøske, directed by Ivar Tindberg - summer / autumn 2014

- "Wizard of Oz" / "The Wizard of Oz" , (as Toto, the dog, Dorothy' s bestfriend) from L. Frank Baum, directed by Jon Tombre, music by Snah (MP), Halogaland Theatre 2015