Theatre / actress:

-"Bøddelen"/"Executioner" / "The executioner" (as archangel), from Pär Lagerkvist, directed by Yngve Sundvor - Det Norske Teatret / the Norwegian Theater in 2000

- "Peer Gynt" (Solveig) Det Nordnorske Teatercompagni / The North Norwegian Theater Company,

directed by Alex Scherpf- Meieriet 2004

photo credits: Ingun Mæhlum

- "Hamsun's Fever" / "Hamsun's Fever" (as Alvhild), directed by Jon Tombre- Hålogaland Theatre 2009 

-"Vi Hever Våre Hoder I Skam"/ "We Raise Our Heads In Shame", directed by Kristin Eriksen Bjorn and Jon Tombre - Fresh Scenes 2010

- "Knutby" (as Åsa Waldau , The Bride of Christ), directed by Kjersti horn Hålogaland Theatre spring 2011 

- "The Black Rider" (musical with music from Tom Waits) , directed by Sigrid Reibo, Hålogaland Theatre, -autumn 2011 

- "The Tin Drum" / "The Tin Drum" , (as the mother Agnes) from Günter Grass, Halogaland theater, directed by Jon Tombre - winter 2012

- The Operetta "Kiberg Odyssey" (asPenelope) togetherwith Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra (NOSO), music Composed by Trygve Brøske, directed by Ivar Tindberg - summer / autumn 2014

- "Wizard of Oz" / "The Wizard of Oz" , (as Toto, the dog, Dorothy' s bestfriend) from L. Frank Baum, directed by Jon Tombre, music by Snah (MP), Halogaland Theatre 2015

Et Juleeventyr”/ “A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (three roles; Mr Scrooge´s houswife ; Miss Dilber, Miss Fezziwig and The Ghost of Christmas Present), directed by Ivar Tindberg, Hålogaland teater, winter 2016

Theatre compositions: 

-“Bøddelen “/ “The Executioner” - Music composed by Martin Horntveth / Jaga Jazzist & Anneli Drecker

-“Peer Gynt”- ´music composed by Anneli Drecker and Nils Johansen ( Bel Canto )
-“Hamsuns Fever”- music composed by Geir Jenssen and Anneli Drecker

-“Blikktrommen / “The Tin Drum”- music composed by Nils Johansen, Anneli Drecker  ( Bel Canto ) and Sondre Pettersen